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Here you'll find the answers to questions quite commonly asked by our clients. If there's still a burning question you'd love to know, send us a message via the link!

We are always thinking of fun & creative ways to photograph own our little family so the list of minis continues to grow! When we find a theme that our family (and friends) love, then we usually add it to our Signature Minis. At the moment we offer studio minis in the colder months, Spring, Autumn, Christmas and Easter minis. They are spread out so usually one every 2-3 months.

The feedback we often get is how much our clients enjoyed these short and sweet sessions as they were long enough to warm up but not too long that it was overwhelming. We do our best to help children (and parents!) feel relaxed and confident in the space. Although we can't guarantee smiles, we usually have about 20-40 super cute images for clients to select their faves from (depending on the session type).

We encourage our clients to pick a few solid colours that compliment each other well and then have everyone in varying shades of those colours i.e. neutral tones and different shades of blue rather than all in only white and navy blue) It's also a great idea to dress to the season. That could look like Christmas themed outfits or Autumnal tones for Autumn, it's up to you. Always avoid busy patterns and anything with images/or distracting text. Check out Pinterest for more ideas or feel free to ask us for further advice.

It's always best to check with us for your specific mini. If we are on location and it starts to rain, we will look for sheltered spots or try shoot in the dry spells in between or wrap things up nice and quickly if it's towards the end of the session. When possible, we will have a back up rain date. If that's not possible and it's pouring down on the scheduled date, then you will hear from us usually the morning of or night before to discuss the next steps.