Here you'll find the answers to questions quite commonly asked by our couples. If there's still a burning question you'd love to know, send us a message via the link below!

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Our sessions are held at an outdoor location of your choice. Whether it be heading to your favourite park or beach or we can suggest places we know and love. Think a farm, park, forest, beach, waterfall, around the city etc. A travel fee may apply for locations further than 30km away from our West Auckland base.

If it is heavily raining the day or morning before your portrait session, we will make contact with you to decide if you'd like to postpone. However if we are on location and it starts to rain, we will look for sheltered spots or try shoot in the dry spells in between or wrap things up nice and quickly if it's towards the end of the session.

Shoots at home are always lots of fun! It's a great way to document newborns, it's not weather dependent, it's a safe and familiar place for everyone and it's a cool way to document kids in their 'natural habitat'. How much you prepare is up to you. If you're wanting to capture life in all its messy glory then there's not much to be done! If you're wanting it to look a little more polished, choose 1-2 rooms to declutter anything that might be distracting or look too busy in photo. The living room & Master bedroom are our usual go to rooms but any room can work, it just needs a good natural light source (window etc). and your backyard & doorstep can also work well too!

Our packages have been carefully curated and priced according to their value, so the short answer is "No". However, we often run mini session deals which are great for those on a smaller budget or wanting less photos but taken more frequently. Head here for more info.